We offer a variety of workshops suitable for people of all abilities, including those with Special Educational Needs. Our workshops are run by professional artists with years of experience working with children and young people.

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Traditional African Storytelling

Introduction to African Theatre & Drama

Traditional African Drumming

Traditional African and Contemporary Dance


In all the workshops for children and young people in schools, we aim to meet aspects of the National Curriculum as it relates to each particular age group.

Below are the workshop options available.  If required, workshops can lead to showcases, public performances or exhibitions.  All our workshops are sensitive to individual needs and or age group.


Traditional African Storytelling & Drama (Under 5’s & above)

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Workshop will introduce participants to an age appropriate fable, myth or legend and also to the exploits and characteristics of various African tricksters like Ananse, The Spider, Ijapa, The Tortoise, etc.  Hands-on activities will include exploring elements of traditional African oral storytelling performance techniques e.g.:

  • Call and Responses;
  • Repetition;
  • Audience interaction;
  • Characterisation;
  • Multiple role playing, etc.;

Introduction to African Theatre & Drama (KS3 & above)

This programme offers participants the opportunity to experience and explore in-depth African theatre performance techniques.  The following options are available:

  • Working on an African myth or legend and exploring the exploits and characteristics of various African tricksters like Ananse, The Spider, Ijapa, The Tortoise, Leuk, The Hare, etc.;
  • Special or themed project where African theatre methods are used to explore or device work on any issue or theme of particular interest to participants and/or client.
  • Explore stories, scripts, plays or extracts from other cultures, using African Theatre methods.

Activities will include introduction to:

  • African culture, beliefs and worldview;
  • African theatre acting methods;
  • The linguistic style of African stories and drama;
  • Non-verbal communication techniques and objects in African theatre;
  • Elements of traditional African oral storytelling performance e.g.
    • Call and Responses;
    • Repetition;
    • Audience interaction, etc. etc.


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Traditional African Drumming (All Ages)

This workshop will introduce participants to the joy and fun of group music-making.  Each participant is guaranteed a musical instrument from our stock of various traditional African drums and percussion.  Guided by our experienced workshop leader, participants will learn different drumming techniques, basic rhythms and cross-rhythms.  They will be encouraged to express themselves through music in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment.  For added fun and excitement, traditional African songs, chants, movements and musical games are used to make the workshop a memorable experience.

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Traditional & Contemporary African Dance (Age 5 & above)

Live drumming, traditional African songs and chants are used to bring fun and real African communal experience to our dance workshops.  Led by a team of our experienced and friendly workshop leaders, workshops will enable participants to learn dances from various African countries and for various occasions e.g. harvesting, etc.  Workshop can be focused or themed e.g. learning a dance from a particular African country.

Participants are also encouraged to create their own dance routine drawing from their own cultural experiences and or background but using traditional African rhythms and sounds.  They will leave the workshop feeling energised and inspired.

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