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Building Confidence

"I would like to thank you for doing this African theatre workshop with us.

I am usually a very shy person, and have no self-confidence. But, during the past few days whilst doing African theatre, I have found that I have been very confident in front of my other classmates.

I really enjoy acting, and have done several different types, but this one proves to be the best !

Thanks again,"

A student at Beacon Community College, Crowborough, East Sussex

Building People's Creative Potential

"The teachers said to me after the performance that your group was the best thing we have ever had in school. This is praise indeed as we have had some good drama workshops and performances in the past. The most unexpected children surprised us all by their talents. That was such a bonus."

Headteacher, Barlby Primary School, London

"The children really appreciated the show and working with them afterwards it was clear that the vitality of your work brought out new energy and breadth to their own."

Sean Taylor, Author

Encouraging Participation

"... I have never achieved anything really in acting and I thought I never would but you proved me wrong."

A pupil from a school in Wanstead, London

"I am known as a very quiet person when I'm in front of strangers, but after your performance, I feel that there has been a great increase in my confidence."

A pupil from Copthall Secondary School

"I didn't really like dance before but when I started I really got into the mood of it. I practised at home about 3 times. You have made me like dance."

A pupil from Middle Row Primary School

Enhancing Education

"I learnt more watching you perform than I would if I was at a desk (hard to believe but true)."

A pupil from a Secondary School for Girls

"But more importantly you made learning fun to be able to learn something and enjoy it. I learned lots more."

A pupil from, St. Anthony's, Etherow St. SE22

"We would recommend the IROKO Theatre Company to any school wishing to enrich their curriculum by providing an authentic and highly enjoyable cultural experience to children of all ages... It was a relaxed, happy and inspiring day for all that took part."

A teacher at Hellenic College of London

"After the last visit the PTA protested that the children had a wonderful experience with your company. The parents thought it was unfair that they too could not have been included in the visit; so we would very much like to include an interactive early evening family session."

Brian Thompson MBE, Headteacher, Darell Primary School, Surrey

"Each project?s content was different, responding to the age of students and incorporating issues related to the curriculum (maths, geography, animals, the alphabet, drama and music), life-long social skills and community building...

After the end of each performance, the actors asked the audience ?What did the story teach us??, enabling us to critically reflect on what we had just watched...


Eirianna Dragona, Applied Theatre MA Student

"I was so happy to have this opportunity to introduce the girls to the art of oral storytelling because it offers such a rich combination of literature, music and drama. Your performance was the perfect example of those three areas put together in a most successful way."

Head of Middle Years Program, Marymount International School

"The music, drumming and acting was spectacular All the children had the opportunity to see the event and enjoyed it immensely. A ?Big Thank You? to all the musicians and actors that visited our school.


Grafton Primary School, Dagenham


"A huge thank you for all your had work in making it possible for the splendid IROKO Theatre Company to participate in Creation day 2000. We were truly blessed with the weather and were able to welcome some 3000 people during the course of the day. It was a splendid achievement - congratulations to you and to all involved."

Covent Garden Festival Director

Getting Young People Involved

"We are a very mixed school, socially and ethnically and we were particularly impressed by the way every child, including those with Special Needs were actively involved. High levels of concentration were expected of the children and they were achieved with enthusiasm, thanks to the inspiring way the week was led."

English Co-ordinator, Avondale Park Primary School, London

INSET Feedback

"Excellent entertainment - good for KS1 - 2."

"Excellent, enlivening."

"Good fun."

"Excellent performance encouraging audience participation"

"Brilliant fun"

"Great! Good to be inspired after lunch"!

"Entertaining, enjoyable fun"

"EXCELLENT - very entertaining with a lot of good messages"

"Very entertaining. I would love to have them visit my school"

"Enjoyed every minute of it, excellent"

"Brought home my lack of rhythm to a nightmarish degree. Have seen it work brilliantly in school"

"Very good, will use them in a cultural week if we can"

"Brilliant - energising"

"Lively audience participation that helps the child to use imagination and express themselves freely"

"Brilliant - helped to show me how to relate to ESL children"


"Following the INSET you undertook for Greenwich Education in January we are now wishing to put together a Teachers' Pack ..."


"Teachers on the course thoroughly benefited from the day and were able to note down the positive impact on the teaching and learning in their classes. However, teachers wanted to have a Pack to take away to share with colleagues and ensure that all the strategies they developed from the training were implemented."

Early Years Advisory Teacher Ethnic Minority Achievement

"It was an inspiration and I have already put a number of the storytelling techniques into practice, and with some promising results!"

Teacher at Boxgrove Primary School (& Nursery), London SE2

Lasting Impressions

"If I had a chance to go up and pick something from the 'Pot', I would pick out magic so that I could turn back time and see you over and over again."

A pupil from St. Anthony's School, London

"All the children really appreciated your music, rhythms, storytelling and dance. For most it would have been their very first encounter with such an art form and the way in which it established communication both with you and between them shows how much your group has to offer children of this age."

Headteacher, Summertime for Fun, London

London African Story

"A big thank you. I had a great day learning about African Heritage. Unexpected!!"

Phyllis Reid, project volunteer

"I can't stop thanking you enough for the day. It was a wonderful surprise."

Elsie Smith, project volunteer

"A lovely, fun, interactive and informative workshop - Thank you! I would be interested in more drumming/movement workshops in the future. Please can you keep me informed."

Lorraine Hill, audience

"I would like to thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the museum visit today. I was so inspired and impressed to learn that actually African artifacts are on display there. That was touching ? I would like to also say a big thank you for buying us lunch which came as a surprise little party."

Anne Among, project volunteer

"I enjoyed doing the drums."

Lioni Samuel, Age 5

"Inspiring performance for all ages, my daughters are 9 months and 41/2, both loved it, especially the drumming. Thank you very much!"

Member of the audience

"The workshop was very good and enjoyable. My daughter said "It's so fun mummy". All the dancing was great to watch and take part in. The variety of food was fantastic and a nice surprise. Great afternoon and thank you very much."

Member of the audience


"I must, on behalf of all the staff, also thank you for being so sensitive and flexible to the needs of the wide variety of people and the spectrum of ability. Each individual was accommodated to ensure that they got the most from the performance and participation as their disability would allow. To capture and maintain the attention of practically the whole centre is rare, particularly for that length of time. Your friendly manner and enjoyment of your work meant that the clients could not only access another cultural experience to the full in the drumming and dancing etc. but they could also make real connections to all of you ( as you could probably tell from the amount of hugs and kisses you received!!"

Broadfields Social Education Centre, Barnet

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